About The Artist

Hi, I’m Joshua Van Horsen the creator behind the concept of the Hex’d NFT project and the visual creation of each of these unfortunate monsters. As an active creator in the NFT community, I understand the importance of community and building inherent value into the projects in the space. I have been supporting creators through free content and assets bundles for streamers over the past 7 years. As such, I strongly believe in creating a project that is both approachable for first-time collectors, while remaining investment worth for collectors in the space that are looking to be involved in a project built for growth and brand evolution.

As the sole member of the team behind The Hex’d, it is critical to me that all facets of the project from the illustration of each asset, to the, marketing collaterals, brand vision, and the tech stack behind erc-721 smart contracts is being created with a holistic approach of building for the future, and not for any short gains.

As a relatively unknown artist, this is an invest in me, and a chance for me to contribute to the space in a meaningful way. I hope I can make you all proud.

Joshua Van Horsen