The Deities

The Deities of Hex’d, are the otherworldly rulers of our mythos, and many tend to use their followers as pawns to spread their different messages to all. The alignments of these gods range from pure good to chaotic evil. As followers of these tenets,  Hex’d denizen carry religious allegiance to their gods.

Religions & Alignment

Each Hex’d is aligned to a specific deity of this universe, ascribing to the religious values they represent. These religious underpinnings will eventually play part in the sacred objects an individual Hex’d can acquire, how the community connects and communicates, and how mysteries are solved.

The Gods

Crypchilla – Lawful Good

The mythical creature known as Crypchilla is synonymous with peace and goodwill. The denizens of the Hex’d often create altars to the Crypchilla, offering fruits, homemade delicacies, and other items of value in exchange for continued good luck and happiness. Followers of Crypchilla believe that she is the truth, the purity of Good, and helps those in need or suffering from injustices.

GateKeepr – Chaotic Good

The Gatekeepr holds the key to life, love & happiness. While seemingly attainable for most, unlocking all facets consecutively is near impossible. While well-meaning, the Gatekeepr possess a distorted view of power, hurting the very denizens he means to protect. Yet, not all can perceive this absence of will. They build statues of gold to honor his commitment, all the while, unable to find the very gifts he possesses.

Godhead – Chaotic Neutral

While the denizens of Hex’d refer to this supreme being as the “Godhead”, this omnipotent sky squid holds no true moniker. Followers of the Godhead abide by a Chaotic Neutral philosophy, where the balance of chaos persists within each action taken throughout the world. Death creates Life, and Love breeds Hate, maintaining a balance within the universe.

Blargh Fish – Chaotic Evil

No deity strikes more fear into the hearts of the Hex’d denizens than the Blargh Fish. Representing the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend. Blargh Fish symbolizes the unseen nature of evil and chaos. A shadowy nightmare, swirling beneath the surface of the dark waters of society. The only comfort to be had is the inherent nature of chaos and lack of organization.

Mundunugu – Chaotic Good

More details coming soon…