“Glitched” Hex’d 1/1’s for 1st 35 owners.

I am in the process of finalizing the last of the Hex’d glitch 1/1 for the first 35 owners and updating the on-chain baseURI so I can start making them available. Pretty stoked to get these available to you.

What do you mean on-chain BaseURI?

These 1/1 “Glitched” Hex’d are actually part of the original HEXD contract that was paused indefinitely due to a glitch in the codebase. I minted 35 off the original contract before I realized the issue.

Now, I am updating each of the individual mints, with custom embellishments and glitch effect, numbering, and personal signature, to immortalize my costly mistake (almost $1000 USD in gas costs – oof) forever.

Once all 35 pieces are complete, I will upload a new baseURI of the new images and surprise metadata. I will then make each individual piece available, numerically by HEXD owner, until all 35 pieces are gone.

Will these be airdropped for free?

Originally I had plans to conduct the airdrop for free, but have since changed my mind. Instead, I will be creating a private sale for each custom 1/1 on Opensea. Owners will have the opportunity to then claim their assigned NFT for 0 eth, only paying the gas associated with the transfer.

That’s lame, why would you do that?

Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision. But I have decided to go the “only pay gas” route for a couple of reasons.

  1. In November I airdropped current owners of Hex’d, a special project of my own called “Broken”. This project was very special to me, and included a secret message to all owners. While it was costly to drop, I wanted to provide a special thank you to my early adopters. This was unplanned.
  2. I want to create value with my collectors that are active in the space. Providing a free to claim NFT not only creates value, but it also gives me the ability to reward later collectors, if the original pieces are not claimed in a timely manner.
  3. Cost. The honest truth is that I can not fully afford to continue to provide airdrops when I am not selling work. The Hex’d was originally priced low to make it affordable for collectors that don’t have massive means to get into the space. I stand by this, but unless I continue to make sales, I just don’t have the funds to pay endless cash fees.

Thank you all for your continued support.

This project and my art are my legacy. I will never abandon these projects because it is part of the fabric of who I am. I’ve been creating side projects for my whole life, and they all exist as my body of work. The NFT movement is just the modernization of how my work will exist into the future.

Ok, enough blabbing! What do these pieces look like?

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